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Our Services

Sealane offers a full array of Category Management Services and can serve as your Headquarter Representative with corporate retail venues. With decades of experience, we can get your product to the shelf in a mix that provides the most benefit to all stakeholders.

Category Management Services

Our objective is to partner with major retailers and leading suppliers to develop and implement successful Category Management Programs

Category Data Graphs

Customized Data Decks

Brand & Item Analysis

Space to Sales Analysis

Electronic Planogram Construction

Create Display “Fair Share” Programs

Manage “Fair Share” Store Sets

Headquarter Sales Services

Sealane works with clients to provide cutting edge business analysis to develop successful business plans.

  • Thorough understanding of the brand’s goals, products, and promotional strategies.
  • Preparation meetings prior to all major account presentations.
  • Professional presentations: PowerPoint, data, graphs and solutions.
  • Completion of all account documentation.
  • Logistic management of shipments.
  • Continual communication with Buyers and Brands.