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Team Corporate

Arica Whitehouse

Phone: 407-862-7363 Ext. 267

Arica graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2002 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Organizational Communication.

Arica was a Finance Manager at Lexus of Orlando for 3 years before joining Sealane in June 2009 as an Account Administrator. Arica was promoted to Account Manager in 2010. In 2014, she became Sales Manager for all Sealane headquarter accounts. In 2016, Arica was promoted to Vice President of Sales for Sealane Marketing.

Arica is also responsible for the management of the Sealane Display and IRC Programs.

James Francis

Phone: 407-862-7363 Ext. 225

James graduated from University of South Florida with a degree in Criminal Justice. James started his career with Kash n’ Karry Supermarkets. He attained many management positions during his 17 year career at Kash n’ Karry.

In 2004, James joined Retail Detail Merchandising as a Retail Supervisor and was promoted to Director of Retail Operations in 2005.

James is now the Executive Vice President of both Sealane Marketing and Retail Detail Merchandising.

Jonathan Lam

Phone: 407-862-7363 Ext. 227

Jonathan attained a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance at the University of Calgary. Jonathan joined Sealane in January of 2002 as a Data Analyst.

Jonathan was promoted to Data and Schematic Manager in 2007. In 2019, Jonathan was promoted to Vice President of Information & Technology.

Jonathan’s responsibilities include managing the STM Category Management Software, running all data analysis, sales reports, and construction of all Planograms utilizing Space Planning Software.

John Boyle

Phone: 407-862-7363 Ext. 268

John graduated from University of Central Florida in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance.  He graduated with an MBA in Accounting in 2012.

John joined Sealane in 2012 as an Account Coordinator.  He was promoted to Account Manager in 2014.

In 2021, John was promoted to the Publix Team Leader.

John is responsible for all categories that Sealane sells to Publix.

Karen Jessee

ACCOUNT MANAGER (Disney & Walgreens)
Phone: 407-862-7363 Ext. 222

Karen graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism/Public Relations.

Karen was Vice President US Sales for Tanning Research Labs, manufacturer of Hawaiian Tropic Suncare and Alpha to Omega (ATO) store brand products.

Karen was the Director of ATO under new owners, Energizer/Edgewell, and Business Development Manager Personal Care for KIK International, LLC before joining Sealane in 2020.

She is the Disney and Walgreens Account Manager, as well as responsible for Private Label and new business development.

Penny Richardson

Phone: 407-862-7363 Ext. 226

Penny joined Sealane as an Account Coordinator in 2016.

In 2017, Penny became Account Coordinator of the CVS Beach program.

Penny was promoted to CVS Account Manager in 2019.

Penny’s responsibilities include managing all Sealane activities at both CVS corporate headquarters and various CVS regional offices.

Sondra Elwell

ACCOUNT MANAGER (Southeastern Grocers)
Phone: 407-862-7363 Ext. 230

Sondra graduated from Florida State University in 1993 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics.

Sondra joined Sealane as an Account Coordinator in 2017.

In 2021, Sondra was promoted to Account Manager on the SE Grocers Suncare program.

Sondra’s responsibilities include managing all Sealane activities at SE Grocers corporate headquarters including Fresco Y Mas, Harvey’s and Winn Dixie banners.

Melissa Pierce

Phone: 407-862-7363 Ext. 224

Melissa graduated from University of Colorado in 1993 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

Melissa has over 16 years of business administration experience, holding managerial positions in Operations, Billing and Human Resources.

Melissa joined Sealane as the Controller in 2009 and is responsible for all Accounting, Associate Benefit Programs, Finance, Legal and Insurance matters.

Melissa was promoted to Corporate Treasurer in 2013.

Chip Lane


Chip graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.

Chip later worked for Nova Sales, which was one of the largest Food Brokers in the United States. During his tenure at Nova, Chip managed both headquarter and retail responsibilities for all General Merchandise and Health and Beauty Care – Brands such as Duracell, L’Oreal, McCormick Spices and Vidal Sassoon

Chip founded Sabal Marketing in 1985, which provided headquarter and retail representation to major accounts in Florida. Sabal represented various companies such as Schering-Plough, Playtex, Foster Grant and Hawaiian Tropic.

Sabal Marketing later became Sealane Marketing, which is one of the largest brokers of Suncare Products in the US, generating over $100 Million in Suncare sales per year.