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Sealane Marketing is a Headquarter Sales Agency



General Merchandise (GM)

Sealane works with various lines within the General Merchandise Category, such as apparel, hair accessories and spring & summer products.

Health & Beauty Care (HBC)

Sealane represents HBC lines such as Cosmetics, Suncare and Professional Hair Care to retailers across the United States.

Over-the Counter (OTC)

Sealane assists manufacturers with Over-the-Counter products by analyzing the category and segments to present the best solutions to the retailer.

Headquarter Sales Representation

Planogram Construction Services

STM Data Programs

Regional Sales Representation

Retail Pricing Analysis

Our Work Process

Our methodical work process ensures all details are covered!


Review Needs

Our Account Managers meet with your team to determine the best course of action.


Develop Timeline

Sealane develops a comprehensive timeline and assigns all action items.


Game Plan

We use a promotional game plan designed to maximize product presence at the right time and place.


Present Materials

After deep analysis Sealane creates an expert presentation to propose your products.


Follow up

Sealane continues to follow up to ensure your items are reaching the shelves as planned.

Sealane Marketing’s category management experience extends across many lines within our retail partners. Our six primary categories include Cosmetics, Hair Care Accessories, Professional Hair Care, Traditional Hair Care, Spring & Summer items and Suncare.

Sealane works to ensure your items reach the market on time, and uses promotional techniques to avoid out of stock situations throughout the season.

Customer Loyalty to Suncare Products When Out of Stock:

Buy a Similar Product from the Same Brand 0
Buy the Same Product from a Different Brand 0
Look for the Product in a Different Store 0
Order Online 0

Companies We Sell To

Southeastern Grocers
Winn Dixie
C&S Wholesale Grocers
DSC Sales inc