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About Us


Founded in 1985, Sealane Marketing is a Manufacturer’s Representative. The corporate headquarters are located in Sanford, FL.  Sealane represents various HBC, GM and OTC brands to the drug, food and wholesale classes of trade.


Sealane uses a specialized set of tools to assist our clients in maximizing their presence and resulting sales that have been developed over several decades. These tools include:

  •  Market Due Diligence
  •  Customized Planograms
  •  DSD Program Development
  •  Development of Custom Displays
  •  Specialization in Seasonal Programs
  •  Exclusive Headquarter Representation
  •  STM Proprietary Category Management Software

Sealane exerts all efforts to make sure both our clients and retailers receive the maximum benefit from our product lines. This allows for continuing partnerships and the most profitable relationship among all parties.